A Free Ebay Template Creator


My wife and I sell items on Ebay periodically for a hobby and extra money. We were using a nice free website that offered nice borders, file upload, etc. however this site has since terminated free services and now want a monthly subscription.

We wanted something easy, free, and capable of creating simple stylish Ebay postings. We found a couple free sites however they did not offer exactly what we were looking for. We then decided to create our own system for our Ebay auctions.

After a lot of research and effort, our basic site to create Ebay templates was born. I am not a programmer, so this took some time! We used the site for awhile and are happy with the results.

We then thought, why not share with other people seeking a way to easily create a simple and stylish template for Ebay auctions. Another project began!

The core part of the code is complete, all we had to do was make it user friendly. I have to admit, it has been fun getting this site up and running. I hope it provides some value and you enjoy the easy, simple, stylish Ebay listing templates that you can create.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our site.

Please leave us any feedback via email or the contact us page.